Shop Floor Control

In search of optimization potentials our customers are focused on productivity increase and cost minimizing. These targets could be achieved particularly in the workshops with the efficient Innosoft Shop Floor Control.

With the Innosoft Shop Floor Control you also establish exact allocations of the company orders to the machines and to time intervals.
You are able

Substantial data from the different sections of operational production and service are available clearly arranged and at the push of a button. You will have more satisfied customers, because you work on schedule and repair faster with higher quality and transparency at the same time. Your customers will repay you with new orders for your prompt willingness to give information on the orders and your cost awareness.

For this you access the Innosoft Shop Floor Control, which has been particularly developed for this purpose. With the help of bar codes an exact identification of the defective devices and their allocation to machines, persons and material is possible. All data necessary for the invoicing are transmitted to the accounts receivable. Thus the writing and sending of invoices is made much faster. At the same time this puts an end to the paper flood. You have fast and simple access to the clearly arranged statistics on many analysis- and quality improvement processes.