Module 1

Module 1

Graphical / Geographical Planning

Innosoft Resource Planning is a comprehensive tool for the planning and supervision of projects, assignments, and resources. The system provides a clear graphical representation of the personnel and machine planning and – combined with the module GeoMap – also allows the ideal planning of routes.

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Module 3

Module 3

Mobile Field Service

The Innosoft Mobile Field Service is the optimal support for field representatives at work. By means of the direct feedback of the assignment data (times, spare parts, travel expenses, assembly reports etc.) right after completion of the services on site the service assignments can promptly be processed further  and approved for invoicing in the head office.

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Module 4

Module 4

Project Management

When it comes to the planning and implementation of complex projects in the sector of machinery and plant engineering, Innosoft Project Management is the ideal tool for the graphical scheduling and capacity control, from the construction to the manufacture and the assembly. In addition, the always up-to-date overview of the order workflow and the capacity requirements in each area facilitates the creation of the annual business plan.

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Module 2

Module 2

Customer Relationship Management / Helpdesk

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management functions as a perfect interface between company and customer. With the complete customer and machine history all relevant data are available at any time and can be prepared for sophisticated analysis and marketing purposes quickly and easily.

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Digitale Formulare

Digital Forms

Digital forms replace the “classical” report registration. Templates in MS Excel or MS Word, which are often very unclear and inconvenient to use, are omitted completely. With digital forms the samples on the screen look exactly the same as the original paper models. The templates, e.g. for the registration of the feedback data of the Innosoft Mobile Field Service are developed according to the customer requirements. The existing defaults and masks are considered and implemented according to the business processes. Besides it is often possible to combine several existing input sheets into one form.

Problem report acquisitions are deposited easier and in more detail with the help of look-up tables. The weekly report registration, e.g. of the travel expenses, is really simple now: Several order documents are just registered one after the other. Other activities, such as office times, holidays or absences are simply added. Tiresome calculations of expenses are now done automatically, even for more than one order per day. With forms for computation you determine important data, like e.g. the remainder of the useful life of machines, very fast directly in the template. Apart from the use in the mobile field service measuring records can be produced at test-benches, which will be added to the machine file as the first procedure. The acquired measuring data allow comparisons at subsequent measurements in the service, e.g. regarding a drop in output.


  • Integration into the Mobile Field Service
  • Customer-specific layout according to the usual structure of existing forms (customizing)
  • Plausibility check of input data
  • Prompt feedback of the provided services
  • On-site provision of the required customer and installation information
  • Digital signature


  • Pre-allocation with master data from the order or the customer data
  • Plausibility check and input support, e.g. by predefined answer catalogues
  • Faster invoicing and reduction of order processing time
  • Standardized service reports which are ready for evaluation
  • Prevention of the multiple entry of paper reports by service technicians and resource planners

The Digital Forms lead to an increasing acceptance level among the technicians compared to the existing paper reports. The data input is supported by plausibility checks, which avoid the entry of contradictory data in different forms.