Accomplished and not invoiced services are an unnecessary capital commitment. The invoicing of accounts receivable often is connected with an expenditure of time and additional costs. Innosoft Invoicing sets in at this important point of the operational workflow and supports the fast and simple invoicing of the performed services and the consumption of materials.



Order processing: Innosoft Invoicing refers to the existing master and/or order data and allows the fast entrance into the order-relates invoicing. The invoice can be created manuallay or automatically for the individual receipt. Likewise several receipts of an order or a collective receipt for several orders of a customer can be provided.

Account allocation: For the distinction of the different cost categories Innosoft Invoicing offers the possibility to differentiate registered provions of services according to assembly period, assembly type and product type. This possibility of allocation allows the creation of detailed invoices and on top of that it offers an overview over the coast factor and the still open item.

Special conditions: Due to the administration of an almost unlimited number of different price lists it is possible to invoice according to a general price list or a price list wich has been agreed upon with the customer. There are seperate price lists both for the services and for the material.

Breakeven analysis: Due to the allocation of the entered data different contribution margins can be defined, which refer to the accounting month, the project, the groups of employees or the order type.

Versatility:  Freely definable invoice forms, the automatic multilingual invoicing, the handling of special conditions as well as a pseudo invoicing round off the versatile possibilities. The created accounting records are handed over to the administrative accounting via standard interfaces.