Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the interface between customer and company. Here incoming inquiries, faults or orders are received and processed until completion.  The information (procedures) is forwarded via the network to the respective departments, such as e.g. materials management, construction department, sales and service.  In an intelligently used customer relationship management a complaint can become the basis for a sales talk or a construction improvement.



Machine / customer historyAlready during a callthe processor / hotliner can see all previous occurrences related to the customer and/or the product. Hence the processor immediately gets an overview and therefore is a well-informed interlocutor for the customer. The order tracking of articles and assemblies is also possible, since not only the parts number but also the serial and batch number can be allocated to the articles. A special feature is the possibility to map complex installations which consist of several machines.

Hotline: Complaints are unpleasant for the customer as well as for the service employee, who usually has to deal with an irritated customer. Considering that 75 % of the customers do not know who is responsible for a complaint, then it is quite easy to understand the importance of a contact point for both sides.

Integration: One precondition for the successful complaints‘ processing is the integration into existing sales-, construction- and service processes. This way the program is integrated into the order processing and the materials management.

Documentation: All documents which are related to the order or the fault, such as reports, forms, receipts, proposals or letters, are being archived and allocated to the machines and procedures.

Workflow: The program has a gradual structure. All complaints which have not been solved in the first talk are forwarded to experts of the specialist departments. The individual operations (steps) which have already been made for the initiated and the current processing status can be seen at all time.

Resubmission: All not yet completed procedures and Open Points are indicated in the resubmission. Missed deadlines are denoted red.

CRM functionality: From the registration of trade fair contacts and their evaluation via targeted serial mails up to the campaign management.

Helpdesk function: Your call center will be disburdened of trifles due to the possibilities of the autonomous fault search and fault removal. The employee can support the customer with this functionality more easily. With the help of statistic evaluations the occurring faults and their removal can be made visible more easily and the faults can potentially be removed already in the construction phase.

Serial faults: If a serial fault isspotted, then a procedure (ticket) for all affected products can be generated automatically.

Ticket system in the Web: Customers can online register faults directly in the system via a browser-based application and they can call up the current processing status. The affected machine can already be selected during the creation of a new ticket.