Module 1

Module 1

Graphical / Geographical Planning

Innosoft Resource Planning is a comprehensive tool for the planning and supervision of projects, assignments, and resources. The system provides a clear graphical representation of the personnel and machine planning and – combined with the module GeoMap – also allows the ideal planning of routes.

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Module 3

Module 3

Mobile Field Service

The Innosoft Mobile Field Service is the optimal support for field representatives at work. By means of the direct feedback of the assignment data (times, spare parts, travel expenses, assembly reports etc.) right after completion of the services on site the service assignments can promptly be processed further  and approved for invoicing in the head office.

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Module 4

Module 4

Project Management

When it comes to the planning and implementation of complex projects in the sector of machinery and plant engineering, Innosoft Project Management is the ideal tool for the graphical scheduling and capacity control, from the construction to the manufacture and the assembly. In addition, the always up-to-date overview of the order workflow and the capacity requirements in each area facilitates the creation of the annual business plan.

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Module 2

Module 2

Customer Relationship Management / Helpdesk

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management functions as a perfect interface between company and customer. With the complete customer and machine history all relevant data are available at any time and can be prepared for sophisticated analysis and marketing purposes quickly and easily.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Where do decision makers get the necessary information before they decide? If decisions regarding the customers are concerned, they should refer to the customer service. Today the creation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is indispensable in the customer service. The CRM provides comprehensive information about the customer and the products they apply. However, CRM is more than just a software program. It is to be understood as a strategy of adjusting the processes according to the customers.

The software supports you in the integration of all relations to existing and potential customers. For sophisticated analyses and marketing actions a database is available, from where the necessary information can be prepared very quickly.

Apart from the central database the connection of the involved departments including the mobile field service is also very important for a smoothly working system. A central hotline number should be known to the customer in order to canalize all customer information in the right direction.
A correctly applied CRM system helps to realize the following objectives:

  • increase customer loyalty
  • recognize customer requests & demands of the market
  • achieve subsequent business transactions with satisfied customers
  • evaluate construction and production faults
  • obtain a competitive advantage
  • create complaint channels with help of the call-center function
  • active marketing

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management as a module of the service management system allocates all customer procedures to the address or the customer products, regardless of whether the procedure is an inquiry, a proposal, a complaint, an installed spare part or the technician report written at the customer’s site. All these pieces of information are available to the hotliner or any other service employee during a customer call. Thus they can present themselves as well informed interlocutors.

Software can only be a tool for the creation of an efficient order- and complaints processing. For the successful management of the incoming inquiries or complaints some discipline regarding the data input and the compliance with at least some of the following rules is required:

There is only one responsible person: Problems can only be treated successfully if a person in charge takes care of it and controls the adherence to the required dates. The system allows the delegation to another person responsible, several people can work on it, but the responsibility always remains in one hand.

File flow instead of receipt overflow: To have bits of paper everywhere does not allow a transparent order processing, therefore the information belongs into a database, in order to make the order progress visible for everybody and to be able to generate analyses quickly and purposefully. Especially in case of customer queries on current processes (complaints) the indication of the responsible reviser or the status of the agreed actions is particularly helpful.

Recognizable and comprehensible workflow: To avoid phone calls or letters, the procedure or Open Point is forwarded to the desired recipient via the network or by mail. A reference shows the employee, that a new procedure or Open Point is waiting for processing. For the processing of a complex topic it is also possible to predefine a multilevel workflow.  The overview and the order progress remain visible to the responsible originator.

Resubmission: Works are rarely performed automatically. Therefore the system should remind the person responsible of the processing of the complaint or the request of a proposal after a predefined period of time.

Management of Open Points: Pending procedures remain visible in the system as long as they have not been marked as done. The system can especially remind of the completion of projects, in which the customer still holds back a certain amount of money.

Integration Document Management System: Documents can be proposals, technical records, photos, acceptance certificates or customer letters. In the integrated Document Manager those documents are allocated to the customer, the product and the procedure. They can easily be found via search terms. The incoming letters can be scanned and allocated to the respective customer or procedures.

Marketing actions: The analysis of the customer database allows the recognition of customer potentials for marketing actions or after sales services. If e.g. the durability of a machine part is deposited then you can approach customers directly and convince him by the knowledge about his product.

Integration Mobile Field Service: The mobile service technician or sales representative is closer to the customer as every other employee. Therefore it is important, to collect the procedures of the fieldwork and store it in the database. It is also important to provide the information to the field representative before and during the customer visit.

Some smaller enterprises, which put the customer relationship into the focus of their actions, prove that CRM can also function without the support of a software. For companies with larger data volumes the software is a useful support tool when it comes to the realisation of the CRM philosophy.